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Noticed this restaurant a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a go tonight. Party of 4. My 10 y/o daughter had veg gyoza & tuna sashimi which was fresh & yummy. Adults had adamame& fried chick wings for entree. Although chick wings was hot & crunchy it needed more salt and maybe some spice to jazz it up. For mains we had teriyaki salmon, buta-pork & Mapo tofu. Salmon & Tofu was delish. I would normally not order pork as it's always a bit dry & tough but this was reallywell cooked... still moist, succulent & marinate was yummy. The veggie that came with the dishes were crunchy (not overcooked) & the mushrooms were so yummy! The only let down for us was their fried chicken. Very reasonably priced at around $28 for a whole chicken but we don't eat breast so didn't order. If drumsticks & wing offered we would have ordered. So all in all we will be back. Prices very reasonable for serving size.

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If you love Japanese food, this is a go-to place for a cute dinner date, family night out or even as a casual lunch. Food quality, food presentation and atmosphere are just perfect. With the addition of hot plates, your food stays warm as you eat! 

Iā€™m definitely coming back for more!




Had a great night , food very good, service very friendly and great selection of drinks especially Japanese Beer. Plenty of parking.



We enjoy the menu selection with both, very reasonable priced plates to a couple of indulgent ones to enjoy if one wishes. Great Sake and beer with BYO wine. Had the Salmon, also the Wagyu beef, & simple accompaniments are delish. Partner & I on low Carb, Low sugar lifestyle and this ticks all the boxes for options.


Love their curry especially the pork katsu so yummmm and it reminded the taste of Japanese curry that I had in Japan. Other dishes such as okonomiyaki and fried chicken also fresh and tasty. Sake is the bonus to me. Friendly staff and the atmosphere is pretty relax. Definitely will go again.


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We recently visited and had a chicken flavour feast. While we were in a Japanese restaurant, the look and sound of the Korean style fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce was too enticing to pass by! And... it was delicious! Now just have to make a date to come back and try some other items - the iron pans and Japanese curries are high on my must try list!




Affordable and tasty. Modern twist on Japanese food. Cute set up and the waiters are accommodating and friendly. We have been here a few times with friends and the food has always been great. Would definitely recommend!