Osaka - city of food

Osaka is a city for great eats and should be on your radar if you love Japanese food. One of our chef is from Osaka and I have always enjoyed visiting, Osaka is easily accessible from Australia and great destination to travel famous tourist cities such as Kobe, Nara and Kyoto. However Osaka itself is worth spending at minimum a day to try some of the signature dishes it is known for.



Takoyaki are pancake balls with octopus. Covered with a sweet sauce, mayonnaise, katsuobushi flakes Tako in Japanese is octopus; yaki means grilled.


Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake with toppings like pork and seafood. It is also topped with a sweet sauce, mayonnaise, katsuobushi flakes. It is usually made in front of the diner on a hot teppan, iron grill.

IRONPAN Japanese Kitchen's Okonomiyaki- vegetarian 

IRONPAN Japanese Kitchen's Okonomiyaki- vegetarian 

If you ever travel to Osaka, Here is recommended restaurant I'd like to introduce,

One of famous food in Osaka is kushi katsu. Kushi katsu are small bites that are skewered, breaded and deep-fried. The Osaka twist on the dish is that on the table is a container with a thin sauce that the kushi katsu is dipped into. Signs everywhere remind diners to dip only once, no double dipping. 

The shop is casual and loads of fun for kids. Like kaitenzushi shops, a toy shinkansen brings the hot items to your tableside. Vegetarians will like it here as there are many vegetables on the menu. We loved it all, seafood, meat, vegetables, and cheese.

Kushi Katsu Daruma


There are branches throughout the city.

Be sure to put Osaka on your list if you travel to Japan.